Selfcare Summit Learning Tracks

Selfcare is not driving an evolution of retail, but a revolution –
a rewiring of consumers’ expectations.

That’s why the Selfcare Summit is offering education opportunities to empower the industry to thrive in this new environment and learn what’s next. The Learning Tracks will run congruently with the Merchandising Tracks portion of the event.

These opportunities include retail panel discussions on the impact of Selfcare on the store, benchmarking reports and case studies on best-in-class Selfcare business models, community collaboration and introductions to initiatives that impact localized Selfcare shoppers.

These sessions are open to anyone: consumers, influencers, innovators, bloggers, store designers, sellers, trainers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, buyers, and anyone who is interested in Selfcare – you don’t even need to be a member of GMDC!

Those already registered for the Buy/Sell Meetings will have access to the Learning Tracks Sessions.

Learning Tracks Registration

The Selfcare Summit (SS19) is dedicated to helping all business and organizations understand consumers in more relevant ways. Healthcare, retail, education, and technology are all changing and shaping the way people approach their own wellness. The Summit will provide days of speakers, data, and insights to help you connect the dots in your own industry.

Experience our new commitment to education on the revolution that is taking place inside retail, the consumerism of healthcare, and rethinking how businesses will grow in tomorrow’s marketplace by signing up today!


• $899 per person
• Includes access to all Learning Tracks sessions, Champions of Change Ceremony & Reception, Friday Reception, and Saturday Reception & Dinner

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*If you are already registered for the Buyer/Seller programs you can participate in the Learning Tracks program

Learning Tracks – Sessions

Our Speakers

The inaugural Selfcare Summit will feature session topics such as:

  • Innovation in Healthcare is Driving Retail Opportunity
  • The Store of the Future
  • Social Determinants of Staying Healthy
  • Retail & Community Collaboration for Healthier Local Shoppers
  • The Natural Way to Selfcare
  • New Merchandising in the World of Selfcare
  • Health Trends USA
  • Food is Medicine
  • E-commerce Influencers of the Selfcare Journey

Learning Tracks Schedule