Selfcare Summit 2019 for Sellers


Early Bird Pricing Deadline is June 7, 2019
Registration Deadline is July 12, 2019

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Registration Deadline is August 23, 2019

The Selfcare Summit (SS19) brings Buyers and Sellers together for face-to-face business meetings and puts them in touch with innovators and startups while enlarging their vision of the consumerism of healthcare through insightful learning tracks. Inside the Summit, Sellers will be able to discuss long-range planning and marketing strategies, interact with Buyers while partaking in industry-relevant presentations and panel discussions, and do it all within the span of 5 days. The Selfcare Summit is tailored to connect attendees with the right people in order to grow their business and create commerce.

Who Should Attend? Executives and their associates focused on…

Bath, Body & Beauty
CBD Products
Personal Care
Skin, Nail & Hair Care
Over-the-Counter Medicines & Treatments
Vitamins & Supplements
Sleeping Aids
Smoking Cessation
Pain & Stress Relief
Sun & Vision Protection
Mobility, Orthopedics & Support
Health Monitoring & Other Devices
First Aid & Injury Treatments
Feminine & Masculine Care

And many more!


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