A Place for Discovery, Marketing, and Networking

The Selfcare Summit is the place for both product discovery and capturing the latest trend and insight that is relevant to the success of your organization.


GMDC offers a selection of programs and benefits to organizations looking to maximize their exposure to the market through strategic placement of product and targeted opportunities that are a match for your marketing efforts. Companies can choose which programs to be involved in, however, the best result is generated by leveraging all benefits to ensure a maximum ROI is received.

Preview Box

Preview Box is a program for sellers to get their products directly into the hands of buyers BEFORE the Summit. Participating companies will submit candidate products they wish to include in the Preview Box and GMDC will then select which items get sent to buyers. The selected products are then consolidated and shipped to buyers who opt-in.

• Cost to participate is $325 per Preview Box entry


The Showcase Program takes place DURING the Summit in a space designated for buyers to see new products and services, merchandising concepts, technology, and promotional items in health, beauty, and wellness categories. Sellers are able to set-up their products and displays in a store-like environment that is organized by consumer Selfcare occasions. Every attending buyer has a pre-scheduled time to tour the Showcase during which they can scan displays of interest and record items for follow up. Sellers receive real-time updates when buyers scan their display/item. During certain nights of the Summit, receptions will be held in the Showcase where Sellers can have additional opportunities to network with Buyers and discuss their products.

• Cost to participate is $375