Strategic Merchandising Opportunities

3 formats are available to help sellers engage with retail buyers face-to-face:

Each format is tailored to help companies build upon existing business relationships or to develop new ones. Sellers will have a chance to meet with Buyers collaboratively to review new strategies and evaluate existing programs, discuss business plans, and promote new or trending services and offerings.

Buyer’s Choice Tabletop Appointments (formerly CCC’s)

Our Buyer’s Choice Tabletops are face-to-face, speed networking appointments selected by retail buyers. 10 or 20-minute pre-scheduled meetings are conducted in order to build upon existing partner relationships, evaluate products and marketing strategies, or to establish new partnerships with buyers. These meetings are recommended for existing GMDC Supplier members or established Suppliers who are new to GMDC.

  • 10 or 20-minute meetings
  • Buyer & seller level participants
  • Pre-scheduled appointments*

*While these meetings are “Buyer’s Choice”, sellers do have the
opportunity to influence buyers prior to the selection process –
learn more when you register.

Mic Drop Pitches

Mic Drops Are for New Members Only…

New GMDC Supplier Members attending the Selfcare Summit will have an opportunity to present in front of all attending retail buyers and a selected consumer panel. The Mic-Drop venue was created to give new members, startups, and upcoming innovators a chance to present their products, services, or technology to some of the country’s most popular retailers, wholesalers, influencers, and decision-makers. These pitch opportunities are the gateway to getting your brand message and value proposition in front of those who can impact your business in a positive way while making deep connections through follow-up conversations after your presentation.

  • 5-minute presentations
  • One-to-many presentations to all attending buyers
  • Live panel of consumers in attendance to provide reviews and purchase intent
  • Follow-up meeting space provided with buyers after pitches

*Pricing includes registration fee, membership cost, one Preview Box entry, one Showcase entry

Strategic Executive Connection (SEC) Meetings

Strategic Executive Connection (SEC) meetings are mutually selected to provide established sellers with the opportunity to meet with buyers for in-depth, long-range planning sessions. SEC’s are 30-minute pre-scheduled meetings where strategic program evaluations take place in a private meeting space behind closed doors. 

  • 30-minute seller-hosted meetings
  • Top-to-top level executives
  • Pre-scheduled mutually matched appointments
  • Private meeting space provided for each seller company