About the Virtual Selfcare Summit 2020 (#SS20)

What is Selfcare?

Selfcare is a mindset and lifestyle that inspires consumers to embrace proactive life choices through investment in accessible wellness and better-for-you methods. A global movement, Selfcare is a response to the idea that legacy thinking about food, movement, daily routines, work, relationships, and overall living conditions can cause harm if not reconsidered or mitigated. Selfcare’s holistic approach is aimed at achieving improved physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual health.

Universally, Selfcare is a personal objective for individuals aspiring to look good, feel good, and live longer, and a sustainable cultural trend as people assume responsibility for those outcomes in their own lives.

Selfcare is at the heart of why, what, and where consumers buy.


A Virtual Opportunity to Learn, Plan, and Grow

SS20 creates value for health and wellness-focused organizations and entrepreneurs by giving attendees digital of access to business learning, planning, and opportunities for growth. The Summit facilitates safe and timely meetings, product discovery programs, and insights that provide a unique space for industry advancement and uncommon collaboration across adjoining industries – particularly important in this COVID time.

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Feel like you missed great content during the 2019 Selfcare Summit? We realize you couldn’t attend every Learning Track session and receive all of the insights.

For your benefit, we have compiled Executive Summaries of the sessions which include an outline, key takeaways, and speaker contact information.